Meanwhile Tonight

A Late Night Improv Show Adds To A Very Busy Weekend

Jun. 18, 2010
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In a weekend featuring a number of openings, local improv group adds to the list of theatre events with The Great American Summer Spectaculr-- a show featuring special young local comic Kevin Gerrity and Megan McGee of Broadminded and Ex Fabula.

The standard late night Friday improv show is a only $5—contents may include one or more of the following:

Vince Figueroa—author of 8 Bit Warroir . . . a funny guy with a nice guy stage presence.

Nick Firer—talented stage talent who has proven impressively reliable in both serious and comic projects.

Alex Grindeland—similarly talented regular with Meanwhile. . . although judging from the fact that he was in Germany at last glance, odds are against him being there this particular show . . .

Beth Lewinski—a woman with really great comic instincts who will be likely attempting to decompress from her serious directorial work on Closet Land. It’s difficult to predict what kind of an effect this may have on her improv . . . could be interesting . . .

And others as yet to be determined . . .

The show begins at 10pm at the Alchemist Theatre on 2569 South Kinnickinnic.




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