Super Delegates and horse feathers

Feb. 17, 2008
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One thing I do not miss are the "people in the know" vs. the rest of us in Washington. As the wine flows at expensive restaurants, grand Pooh-bahs tell the younger would-be Pooh bahs about the sanctity of the Super Delegates and almost all of it is nonsense.

The idea was to guarantee control of the Party's nominee by the money boys--the Poo bahs. They were determined to avoid another brilliant grassroots McGovern-style campaign. It was my lucky day when the grand daddy Pooh bah and money man, Bob Strauss tried to recruit me to help rid the Democratic Party of the "nutty McGovern" people. (You know. People like me.)While they didn't get me, they got 800 Super Delegates instead.

Even Mark Shields opined that the Super Delegates were created "to bring adults to the Party." More horse feathers. Get out of D.C.once in a while, Mark.

Listening to NY Senator Chuck Schumer on Face the Nation yesterday gave me the chills. Michigan, with only Hillary's name on the ballot, and a letter from the Clinton campaign that Michigan and Florida should not count, was a minor problem to Schumer. Count 'em! Super Delegates? Vote your conscience whoever you are.

Polls say 47-43 Barack over Hillary in Wisconsin. Better get out and vote no matter which one you support. Hillary's return to Wisconsin means she thinks she is doing better and could carry Wisconsin.

BASTING ON THE HOT SEAT: The so-called Basting Commission created by Tom Basting, will be watched carefully today. Will Tom Basting demand passage of SB171--publicly financed Supreme Court elections, instead of the WMC auction? Or will his group sit it out? Seven members of the Court want public financing of judicial races. Don't hold back Tom! Your chance to light a candle rather than to curse the darkness.


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