World War II Drama In Racine

Over Our Head Players Presents World Premiere Drama

Jul. 18, 2010
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Summer Theatre is always a bit weird come July/August. Between The Sunset Playhouseís production of Hair and Nicholas Cialdiniís Boomtown, this weekend is an impromptu area theatre tribute to baby boomers. There are musicals and comedies opening nearly every week between now and late August. Hair leads to HairsprayóInto The Woods, then Chess. There will be performing cats from Chicago at the Alchemist one week before the opening of Psycho Beach Party. Then comes the flurry of shows in September.

Next week, two musicals and a drama open-up in Milwaukee County, making it rather easy to overlook a really interesting original drama opening in Racine thatíll also be opening. Beginning July 23rd, Over Our Head Players†presents the world premiere of a drama by screenwriter William W. Vought. Lie Down With Dogs is described as a World War II drama told in flashbacks. Mark Whitig sits on death row for a murder attempt on a senator. He served his in the army until 1958. He was a P.O.W. in Germany.

Voughtís screenwriting work includes the 2005 indie gangster film Johnny Virus and two different World War II TV projects including the pilot Samís Circus and the film When Trumpets Fade.

Over Our Head Playersí Lie Down With Dogs runs July 23rd - †August 1st at the 6th Street Theatre in Racine.


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