Job Opening At Sunset

Elm Grove Theatre looking for Patron Services Manager

Jul. 20, 2010
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The Sunset Playhousein Elm Grove recently announced a office job available. The Sunset is looking to fill the position of Patron Services Managerimmediately. This individual will have the pleasure of reporting directly to local theatre icon Jonathan West—the Managing Director of the theatre.

True, the job isn’t actually a creative opportunity, but it sounds like relatively stress-free part-time work for anyone available in the evenings—as near as I can make out. The hours that the job entails appear to revolve around the Sunset’s schedule. The position requires availability during all performances . . . arrive 90 minutes before the show and stay there performing various duties until after the house closes. Duties appear consistent with the basic performance-to-performance operations of the theatre. The position pays a per-performance stipend.

For more detailed info direct from the Sunset, please see the official job description.


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