The Quietly Wondrous World of Twin Sister

Brooklyn band plays the Cactus Club Sunday

Jul. 15, 2010
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Here is an incomplete list of products Twin Sister's "All Around and Away We Go" could be used to sell: high-speed Internet, puppy chow, Maxi pads, Toyotas, the Droid network, flights to Hawaii, conditioner and yogurt.

Hazy with a colorful, fruit-swirl center, the song is chillwave's answer to "The Hustle," a polite little dance tune that suggests more pomp and volume than it actually kicks. In her plucky croon, Andrea Estrella sings contentedly into the floor, like she's just received a fantastic piece of news she wants to shout out to the world, but on second thought she doesn't want to risk waking her parents.

"All Around and Away We Go" is the closest that Twin Sister's latest EP, Color Your Life (available for pay what you like download here), comes to uninhibited, but the EP's other five tracks tap an even more restrained form of euphoria. Like Beach House's similarly warm and fuzzy Teen Dream, Color You Life celebrates the type of happiness that you play close to your chest.

Twin Sister headlines the Cactus Club on Sunday night with Made of Oak and Mountain Man. Posted below is a fan video for "All Around and Away We Go" made of found footage, though it's just as easy to imagine one with dancing iPod silhouettes.


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