Blogging With Jeeves, Wooster and Bertie

Actors Blogging In Character for promotion

Aug. 4, 2010
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The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre opens its 2010-2011 season with a production of Jeeves Intervenes—a comedy bsed on the early 20th century stories by P.G. Wodehouse. If you hear the names Jeeves, you think of a butler. Wodehouse is the reason for this, though the character was, in fact, a valet and not a butler.

The cast of the comedy seems extremely promising for so many reasons . . . Milwaukee Chamber has had the opportunity to promote the cast with a rather novel idea . . . Matt Daniels (who plays Jeeves,)  Chris Klopatek (who plays his employer Wooster) and Rick Pendzich (who plays a friend of Wooster's) have been maintaining a fairly regular blog at Milwaukee Chamber’s blogspot in character. The best stage comedy in a feature-length play tends to require actors who are more witty than what they’re being given to do . . . which allows the ensemble to outsmart a play’s less effective moments into genuinely funny theatre. Judging from the wit in the blog entries, Klopatek, Pendzich and Daniels come across as strikingly funny in the little bits they’ve presented here. Jeeves Intervenes looks fun.

Milwaukee Chamber’s Jeeves Intervenes runs August 12th – 29th at the Broadway Theatre Center.




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