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Feb. 19, 2008
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Not in my lifetime has there been a campaign like this one. Starting with the indefatigable candidate with his unique delivery and an incredible ability to reach into an audience and grab their attention, mind and soul; a family history that makes him a folk hero from the start; and a wife who is every bit as smart, articulate and committed to change as he is, and the message has been shouted "Not this year Hillary, not this year."

Al From and other DLC Democrats (not small "d" democrats) are panicked. The party of working families is back! The DLC is done. Huzzah! The real insiders have not given up despite 11 wins in a row. Ickes and Wolfson think they can really go negative, pull down Barrack into their murky water and Hillary floats to the top. Nonsense. You can't "swift-boat" a man like Barack. They tried out a couple of punches and they fell flat. in fact, Hillary is in danger of losing her own reputation as well as loyal supporters, if she lets the dogs run free. Bill Clinton beat her to it but she might join him in the penalty box.

The results were amazing. One could not absorb the information before Barack was in Houston claiming Texas as Obama territory.

Independents 62-34; white men 62-36; white women 48-51; and his position on the supposed skimpy program was preferred on Iraq, Health care, education and the economy.

The figure burned into the memory bank--

Obama 58%
Clinton 41%

Oh, almost forgot. McCain proved Frank Rich a prophet. The GOP is now grumpy old white guys.

New Rules? Congratulations to the State Senate. They passed "Impartial Justice" by a 23-10 margin giving us hope that it may pass the neocon Assembly. Mike McCabe, believes it will pass in the Assembly if the leaders permit a vote. Majority Leader Jeff Fitzgerald and Speaker Mike Huebsch are the "deciders."

Lemme see. All 7 members of the Court support the concept of public funding; the Governor supports the bill; the Senate supports it and damned near every citizen in the state support public financing of judicial campaigns. Those who get in the way of a bill this popular may find people a bit cranky.

The 10 votes to continue the corruption of the courts:

Fitzeralds, Grothman, Kanavas, Cowles, Kapanke, Kedzie, Laseea, Lazich, Leibham, Rossler.
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