Why I got off Zoloft

Feb. 19, 2008
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This is a continuation of my experiences with Zoloft, why I went on it, and today, why I got off of it. As mentioned in my previous blog, I am not a healthcare professional. I am just sharing my experiences.

So, in my previous blog I mentioned how I tried to go off Zoloft and was unsuccessful. As I stated, even reducing my dose (50 to 25, half a pill), caused me to rage. I mean RAGE. I feared for my children. I had never been like that before I went on the Zoloft. This made me highly interested in getting off the stuff, since obviously it was doing something to me.

I guess I could have just stayed on the Zoloft as prescribed and not mess with the dosage. However, I was starting a new med, Zyrtec, for hives. I had been on Florinef for passing out for no reason, and the Pill to "regulate my cycle."

Over the past 10 years I had been ingesting a lot of chemicals to treat symptoms, never truly getting to the root causes. Then Ben, my son, was diagnosed with PDD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I found a holistic MD to work with him. I saw the tests this doctor ran - tests that were targeted to uncover the root causes of my son's health issues.

Within 1 month my son was doing so much better, and over the course of 1 year he progressed 2 years developmentally. I saw his progress and decided to see what this doctor could do for me. Sure enough, he found the cause of my depression, got me off Zoloft safely, without any rages, and as a bonus he got me off my Zyrtec. That's for another blog.

Dr. John Hicks at www.Pathwaysmed.com is who we saw, but there are a lot of good holistic doctors out there.




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