Late Summer Improv

Two Relatively New Companies With Two New Shows

Aug. 23, 2010
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As usual, September is going to be a big month for local theatre. And as usual, theatre openings in September tend to all cluster around the same weekend. The first two weekends will find a couple of new shows opening. Between the 14th and the 15th, there are at least five shows opening . . .

The lead-in to a very busy month includes performing cats from Chicago, a new comedy by Neil Haven and a couple of prominent improv shows by a couple of relatively new improv groups: 


This Friday, August 27thWorst Case Scenario presents its second evening of long from improv at ComedySportz on 420 South 1st Street. The theme for this month’s WCS show is “The Frat Party,” which should prove to be a nicely inconspicuous follow-up to last month’s Star Wars Improv show. The show starts “11:59 pm” on August 27th. Sounds like late night improv near the edge of August .

Then, Thursday September 2ndHomegrown Electric Circus takes the stage of the Alchemist theatre. The show consists of a five minute video the group did with comic actor Andy North. A one-hour long-form improv follows. The group, which featured quite prominently in this past Milwaukee Comedy Fest consists of Scott Heaton, Evan Koepnick, Mike Walker, Josh Barto, Patrick Glapa and Jazmin Vollmar.  

Here’s a look at the promo video HEC put together for the show:

HEC’s improv show at the Alchemist Theatre starts at 9:30pm on the 2nd.




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