Edmonds/Dickerson trade a win for Brewers

Sep. 1, 2010
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With the Brewers taking on the first-place Reds this week it’s been a good time to take stock of the trade the two teams made a few weeks ago. Looking for more power, the Reds traded for Jim Edmonds. The Brewers got Chris Dickerson in return. Edmonds had seen a lot of time in the field for the Brewers then we would have expected from a fourth outfielder. The trade to a team with post-season hopes should have been a boon both for him and the new club. Unfortunately, he played in just nine games before an oblique strain meant a trip to the DL. However, it was no big loss to the Reds as he had a .136/.208/.364 line during those nine games. On the other side, Dickerson has also seen significant time due to injuries to Carlos Gomez and Coyre Hart. In his 14 games as a Brewer he has hit .303/.351/.394 and has been above-average defensively. This trade is a definite win for the Brewers, but not necessarily a loss for the Reds. Dickerson was a bench player and they had other 4th outfielders to take over the position. Since the trade, they have gained four games in the Having been injury-riddled throughout this season, Edmonds will likely hang up the spikes after this season. He told Adam McCalvy that he’s done all he can as an every day player


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