Fiction: "Bodie Bad Man" by Margaret Chen

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Sep. 10, 2010
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I made the mistake of sending something a little too long to Monkeybicycle after I read a handful of stories on their site, not realizing that pretty much every story on the site is borderline flash fiction (read: quite short). Oh well. I'll write something short and try again, because I really like this site. It's got some great stuff on it so far by some great writers, and it looks from the bio on the bottom that a good portion of the contributors are up-and-coming. Always cool.

Here's a snippet from "Bodie Bad Man," by Margaret Chen:

With thick patience, the husband did not remind his wife that it was her idea to drive up to this godforsaken town in the first place -- this pile of rubble in the middle of nowhere.  With no cell service or houses or people.  Not even the sound of the wind or birds.  Just silence, barrenness, the too-bright sunshine.  He did not remind her.  But she could feel it, and she could see it.  The heavy disapproval and the weary, familiar lines etching themselves across his face.

Click here to read the full story on Monkeybicycle.

Really, I'd love to share more, but it's such a short story you should probably just go to their site. Read a few. Read a dozen. Exercise your mind instead of watching the news this weekend. It's all about that idiot and his Koran-burning crap anyway.


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