Odds and Ends Open This Weekend

Carte Blanche, Milwaukee Chamber and First Stage Open New Shows This Weekend

Oct. 12, 2010
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Modern, online ticketing with its instant look at the make-up of a theatre audience provides an opportunity to celebrate as seats fill-up for upcoming productions. As of this writing, the Alchemist Theatre’s October horror show is almost sold-out again—the extended extra weekend has only three tickets left available as of this writing. 

As of this writing, there are only 3 seats left for Alchemist Theatre’s October Horror Drama Murder Castle—The Chronicle of H. H. Holmes. A quick look at the,schedule reveals only three seats left—2 seats for the November 4th program and 1 seat for the penultimate performance on November 5th.

One of the best-kept secrets of the coming weekend, Carte Blanche’s  production of An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstien features staging by Adam White and Michael Keiley. Those in the cast include: Michelle White, Adam White, Anthony Stibbe, Adam Zastro, Liz Getschow, Dylan Zalewski, Michelle Paura, Robby Schuettpelz, Brad Novak, Anna Frazer, Josh Bryon, Michael Krueger, Josh Devitt, Christopher Weiss, Jennifer Gaul, Laura McDonald, Samantha Paige, Jesse Kaplan, and Clayton Hamburg.

An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstienruns October 15th through 24th at Carte Blanche’s space on 1024 South 5th Street.

Also opening this weekend:

First Stage Children’s Theatre’s Peter Pan And Wendy—the 90-minute (or so) adaptation of J.M. Berrie’s classic adventure started out as a play—adapted to a narrative story. The Story now returns to the stage with one of the best theatre companies in town featuring action brought to the stage in part by a ancient Japanese puppetry technique,


Also opening in just a couple of days—the family-based Wisconsin musical Main-Travelled Roads. Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents various stories culled from farm life in the late 19th century find musical home at the Broadway Theatre Center October 14th – 31st, Directed by Molly and Alissa Rhode featuring a cast including Molly’s husband Chase . . . 



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