Some of Ron Johnson’s PACUR Employees Are on BadgerCare

Oct. 19, 2010
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Wow. For an allegedly self-made multimillionaire plastics manufacturer who worships the free market, Ron Johnson really knows how to use government programs to his advantage.

There’s a long list of government programs that have helped Johnson’s PACUR, from the government grant that most likely created his job, to the rail spur that leads directly to PACUR’s door, to the inmates who work at PACUR, but whose health care costs are paid by the state.

Now I’ve just found out from the state Department of Health Services that PACUR has five adults with ten children on BadgerCare, the state-subsidized health insurance plan for low-income workers.

But I thought that Johnson had the same insurance as all PACUR employees?

And I thought that Johnson doesn’t want the government to intervene in the free market, because that would mean the government is picking winners and losers?

And that Johnson wants to repeal health care reform because free market solutions are so superior to reforms that involve the government?

Wonder if the Republican gubernatorial ticket of Walker and Kleefisch realize that when they promise to cut BadgerCare they’re promising to take away another government perk from companies like PACUR. And, more importantly, take away affordable health insurance from low-income workers who really need it.

I’d love to talk to Johnson about PACUR’s use of BadgerCare. But, of course, his campaign won’t return calls for comment.

His only comment on BadgerCare, as far as I can tell, is to say “We have it.”

Sounds like someone who doesn’t want to admit that his own employees “have it.”


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