Mark Salentine's Position At The Sunset Playhouse Eliminated

The Sunset Playhouse Eliminating Artistic Director Position as of December 1st

Nov. 20, 2010
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Just a couple of hours ago, I got an email from Mark SalentineóArtistic Director of the Sunset Playhouse†in Elm Grove. Evidently, due to ďsevere financial difficulties,Ē the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove has decided to eliminate the position of Artistic Director. This puts a talented director and actor out of a job as of December 1st.

Mark Salentine had been with the Sunset for 7.5 years as Artistic Director. They have assured him that itís not a ďperformance-based decision.Ē Salentine had been informed of the decision Wednesday morning, but wanted to keep news of it from affecting his work on Sunsetís upcoming production of Itís A Wonderful Life. News spread as news does and now itís no secret.

Directed by Mark Salentine, Itís A Wonderful Life †will open this coming week with Salentine as artistic director. When the show closes in December, there will be no Artistic Director position. Itís a bit difficult trying to imagine the personality of the theatre without Salentine. He will be missed at Sunset shows. With †any luck, this will allow him the opportunity to work more extensively on and off the stage elsewhere.

Sunset Playhouseís Itís A Wonderful Life†runs November 24th Ė December 19th. †


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