Fiction: "A Letter to My Daughter" by Krishan Coupland

Published in Moon Milk Review

Nov. 21, 2010
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One of the few nice things about Facebook is that you can become friends with editors and their literary magazines, which can occasionally lead to some interesting conversations (if the editor chooses to talk to you, of course) as well as fascinating links.

Like this one. Who knew Flavorwire was putting together a list of online literary journals and ranking them? Not I. Why would I? I'm not God. The Internet is big. So finding a link to this type of thing is a welcome change from all the usual boring updates on Facebook by friends. I'll be featuring a story from each of these journals ASAP so interested readers can share the awesomeness.

From "A Letter to My Daughter," by Krishan Coupland:

It was a Thursday when they stole you away. Like a summer school, they told me, for young inventors. Young geniuses. Thered be others like you there, and youd work together for a few weeks to explore your ideas. Realise your potential. We waited on the kerb in a cloud of reporters. I think you were pleased, or proud, or happy at least. The yellow bus, when it came, had soldiers on board, and I didnt wonder why until lateruntil much later when you hadnt written and hadnt called, and the phone numbers theyd given me turned out to be dead. I remember that you kissed me, once, before getting on board that bus, and it was light and cool and given with the expectation that you would see me again in a little while.

Click here to read the full story.

More to come ...

Ken Brosky

P.S. the image is by Leila A. Fortier.


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