Vikings Fire Childress

Nov. 22, 2010
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The Vikings announced this morning that they have fired head coach Brad Childress. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has been named the interim head coach.

The firing isn't a huge shock after the Vikings poor 3-7 start to the season.

It's always seemed that Childress has tolerated Brett Favre and that drama has spilled into the public eye this season as it was leaked that Favre won't even talk to Childress, dealing instead entirely with offensive coordinator Darrel Bevell. There have been snarky press conference comments and sideline blowups. Childress seemed to be damned if he did, damned if he didn't where Favre was concerned. Childress knew that his team would not be a Super Bowl contender with Tavaris Jackson behind center, yet no coach wants to be told what to do. Childress was forced into the Favre era by ownership and always seemed to bristle at letting Favre get away with being Brett Favre. Childress relinquished control of his team when he had Favre forced upon him. He has no control over the franchise player, undermining his position with the rest of the players. But Childress needed Favre on the field. He was the best option for them to be a winning team.

Poor Brad Childress.


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