Musical Ice Fishing Auditions

Pretend To Be Ice Fishing Onstage . . . While Singing

Nov. 26, 2010
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Though thoroughly accepted as a perfectly valid way to acquire fish, most people think of ice fishing as more than a bit odd. Fishing in a wooden closet above a hole in the ice has been described with horror, admiration and, often, equal amounts of both. The appeal of the subject matter has caused Guys On Ice to become an immensely successful musical. The James Kaplan/Fred Alley musical made its debut in 1998 with the American Folklore Theatre. The musical has been in pretty steady production ever since. The latest local production of the musical was only recently announced by the Sunset Playhouse in Elm Grove as a replacement for its production of What About Luv? that had ben previously announced.

Sunset is looking for three musical ice fisherman—Ernie Marvin and Lloyd. (Three guys from Northern Wisconsin.) Ages range from 30-55. From the press release, here’s what they’re looking for: “Nothing slick. No expensive haircuts. Many guys up here are large. Large is interesting but not essential.”

The production is set to run January 13th through February 6th.

Auditions for the show will be held at the Playhouse at 6:30 pm on Monday, December 6th and Tuesday, December 7th. Bring a song to sing. Be prepared to read from the script. For further information, contact Jonathan West at 


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