An Irishman and a Brit Walk Into a Brothel . . .

Carte Blanche Stages THE HOSTAGE This Month

Nov. 29, 2010
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Brendan Behan had been out of prison for about a decade when he’d written The Hostage. His ties with the Irish Republican Army were more or less in his past by that time. The Irish poet/writer had reached a considerable level of success before he had passed away in 1964 at the age of 41. His 1953 comic drama The Hostage relates the story surrounding the planned execution of an 18 year-old IRA member who stands accused of killing a policeman. In an interesting choice for a December show, Carte Blanche Theatre will be staging a production of the play which opens December 10th.

The cast of characters sounds interesting—a young, British soldier is taken hostage and held in a brothel populated by a large cast of prostitutes, revolutionaries and others on the cultural fringe. The atmosphere should be a natural fit for Carte Blanche’s intimate studio theatre space. Locking-in the unique atmosphere of a small underground establishment in 1950’s Dublin will be an interesting challenge for director Jimmy Dragolovich. Judging from Carte Blanche’s track record, this may very well be the most stylish alternative to holiday fare in Milwaukee this December.

Carte Blanche’s production of The Hostage runs December 10th through 29th at Carte Blanche’s space on 1024 South 5th Street.  




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