Fiction: "Members of the Story" by Ann Bogle

Published in BLIP Magazine

Nov. 26, 2010
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... Formerly the Mississippi Review Online. Ah, it's always nice to see the bigger literary journals dip their toes into the Internets. I think there should be a rule: literary journals should evolve technologically at a faster pace than President George W. Bush. That means if George W. Bush sets up a blog, every literary journal in the country should already have one set up. If George W. Bush starts tweeting, every literary journal in the country should already be tweeting.

And if George W. Bush posts stories online, then God help us all.

This is a story from another journal mentioned by Flavorwire, BLIP. It's called "Members of the Story" and the author is Ann Bogle:


They will drive in the morn≠ing to see the leaves change color in Ver≠mont.¬† Ms. Cerum≠byk has already checked in to the hotel.¬† That is what the doc≠tor tells Memer≠lou on the tele≠phone next.¬† Memer≠lou con≠sid≠ers vis≠it≠ing her, call≠ing the front desk, or stay≠ing alone with≠out call≠ing her.¬† She decides to wait until morning.


Some≠times peo≠ple for≠get that the doc≠tor is not a med≠ical doc≠tor.¬† He is a doc≠tor of phi≠los≠o≠phy in phar≠ma≠col≠ogy.¬† He holds the patent for a bone den≠si≠fy≠ing drug.¬† He has some≠thing against cos≠metic surgery.¬† He can≠not for≠give his ex-wife for chang≠ing her nose and breasts or allow≠ing their sons to dig≠i≠tize pho≠tos of¬†women.

Click here to read the full short story.

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