Mother Superior At Marcus Center

More Catholic Comedy for Christmas

Dec. 8, 2010
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There has been kind of a bizarre mix of shows opening this December. Itís nice to see a full weekend with four shows opening and not a single one of them a holiday show . . . an interesting, little coincidence this season happens to include not one, but TWO Catholic comedies on stages this month. Boulevard Theatreís The Savannah Disputation†continues through the end of the month. The comedy about a young Evangelical trying to convert a pair of older Catholic women is joined this week by a Catholic comedy opening at the Marcus Center this week.

The woman who brought the world Late Night Catechism continues to carve out a reputation for solidly entertaining Catholic humor in the classic habit of Mother Superior. The addition makes for kind of a strange topography for the theatre district . . . Mother Superiorís comic classes take place a brief walk from Milwaukee Balletís The Nutcracker, which is, itself, just down the street from Milwaukee Repís A Christmas Carol, which itself is right across the street from Off The Wallís Guys & Dolls. †From light comedy to classy Christmas offerings to a cozy New York-based musical in less than ten minutes on foot . . .

Mother Superiorís Ho-Ho-Holy Night runs December 8th Ė 19th at the Marcus Center.


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