A Batboy In Greendale

Greendale Community Theatre Presents BATBOY: THE MUSICAL in January

Dec. 16, 2010
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Tabloid Character BatboyLocal Actor Jordan Gwiazdowski

The long-lived popularity of the Weekly World News’ millennial Bat Boy character was something of a throwback to an earlier print industry. The character, who appeared in well over 50 stories in the Weekly World News over the course of its last 15 years, was alternately a hero, a monster and an every man. He’s something of a kitschier, lower-brow, tongue-in-cheek version of the heroes of old pulp anthologies. 


Several years after his first story appeared in print, a musical adaptation of Bat Boy’s exploits appeared onstage. Batboy: The Musical is a surprisingly endearing look at the human condition that just happens to be centered around an outlandish character from an old supermarket tabloid. At the beginning of next year, The Greendale Community Theatre presents the musical in a production starring Jordan Gwiazdowski in the title role. Gwiazdowski has proven to be quite a comic talent over the past few years in productions with Carte Blanche Studios and Greendale Community Theatre. This looks like a very, very fun show. 

Greendale Community Theatre’s production of Batboy: The Musical  runs January 7 – 15 at Greendale High Schooll’s Henry Ross Auditorium on 6801 Southway.


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