Fiction: "I Will Miss You When You Are Gone" by Jacob Driscoll

Published in Fringe Magazine

Dec. 18, 2010
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While my Internet was on the fritz, I tried to take myself back to an era pre-Facebook and found myself to be completely and utterly bored. Not necessarily because I had nothing to do (I just downloaded a new book on my Kindle), but it turns out a great deal of my time is spent researching stuff for short stories, reading fiction online and submitting stories to literary journals. 

So I'm glad to have my Internet back. And while I wait on a recent submission, I thought it might be a good idea to share some fiction I found.

From "I Will Miss You When You Are Gone," by Jacob Driscoll:


As people burned and ate and buried love, there became less of it. It faded with time, and so people grew apart. Some people saw it fading, and hoarded it, and they had more love than others. When it was finally almost gone, everyone had gotten so used to it that no one wanted to be without it, so they began to kill each other. Less people would mean more love left for those still alive. This was why love was created in the first place: to kill everyone.

My friend cuts herself and tells me that theres barely any real love left today, and her blood drips into the salty sea. She tells me that there is plenty of sex and stumbles and meaningless comfortable relationships, but true love is a rare and unusual and dangerous thing, eager to destroy us all with our hunger for it. Sometimes the love is locked in a vault. Sometimes it is buried in a cave. Sometimes it is high above the earth, frozen in a mountain glacier and guarded by a troupe of opera-singing yetis who wear bowties. She says the love thats left wont last forever, and that we could run out of it any day now. When the last of the love fades away, then it is Judgment Day.

Click here to read the full story.

Fringe Magazine is a lot of fun. It's easy to navigate, too, which doesn't hurt. For those of you interested in submitting, you can find their guidelines here.


Ken Brosky

P.S. Awesome artwork is by Nathalie Doust.


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