New Year's Eve With Vox, Lisa Golda, Bryan Myers and the Alchemist

New Years Eve in a Couple of Different Spaces in Bay View

Jan. 1, 2011
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The Marian Center for Non-Profits took very little time to become extremely packed. I dont recall ever seeing that many people crammed into the hallway outside the Marian Centers 4th floor studio theatre. The space now serves as local musical theatre talent Lisa Goldas Vox Box.

Its a space that shes using to teach voice lessons. Shes hoping that it can be a space that can be shard by all of the disparate theatre families that make-up the Milwaukee theatre community. Its an ambitious plan. A gracious hostess, Golda welcomed a well-dressed crowd to a classy New Years Eve affair. After a crowded mixer, the large group in attendance filed into the studio space for a musical revue. It was kind of a crowded, standing-room-only affair. As my wife wasnt feeling well, we had to leave after the first of two intermissionsa major disappointment.

The performance started with a few students from the Vox Box performing a bit from West Side Story . . . followed by Golda performing Life Is A Cabaret. Having seen two different performances of Cabaret in recent memory, its a bit odd hearing that song out of context . . . the song has such a profound impact within the story arc . . . and its such strong characterization. Outside of all that, Golda did a pretty solid job of delivering an energetic performance. Heather Reynolds-Coonen did a particularly deft Sondheim piece. Getting Married Today is one of those songs from Company that stands relly welll on its own and Reynolds-Coonen did a brilliant job with it.

The first part of the show ended with a Brian Myers at the piano. Myers wrote STATUSa musical about online social networking that was slated to be performed at the end of the evening, Myers is quite at home behind the pianoperforming music songs hed written. Hes the type of piano man who makes indeffinately holding an audiences attention seem absurdly simple. He rhymed deployed, with unemployed, in one of his better songs in the set. It was a great disappointment to miss the performance of his musical at the end of the evening.

STATUS moves to the Strawberry One Act Festival in New York next month.


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