Rose Bowl Route

Jan. 3, 2011
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So we drove a car for a family member out to LA in order to make it to the Rose Bowl. Round trip airline tickets were $1200 when we check a few weeks before the game and those prices made the trip impossible for us. Then my boyfriend's uncle floated the idea of driving a car out to LA for his sons. One way tickets home were much more reasonable and a road trip was hatched.


Snow in Flagstaff, AZ closed the interstate for 250+ miles, meaning that leaving Amarillo we needed to detour. Word was Albuquerque was also getting snow. We ran in to a guy at a gas station who was just coming in from LA and he told us of an alternate route, so we traveled extensively in New Mexico on day 2.


We wanted to get the trip done in two days, but the four hour detour in NM meant we would have gotten in to Los Angeles at 2 am. Since we were staying with family, that didn't see very nice, so we stayed in Palm Springs, CA for the night and finished the few hours to LA Friday morning.


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