Finding Woodeye, Wisconsin

Morningstar Productions' season continues with a new comedy based in rural Wisconsin.

Jan. 13, 2011
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Punch “Woodeye, Wisconsin,” into a search engine and the first thing that pops-up is a bar and grill in Winneconne. The town of Woodeye may not appear on any map, but rest assured it’s there somewhere . . . if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t’ve been a reason for playwright Tim Neve to write about it. His new play, Woodeye sounds like something of a Twin Peaks-style rural comedy set in backwoods Wisconsin. The promo copy mentions a number of attractions in Woodeye: a man missing peace, a founding father missing an eye, a statue missing a head, and two brothers not missing each other one bit.” The tagline for the show is a bit more clever and pseudo-poetic: “Who says you can’t go back? (You can, but God only knows why you’d want to.)"

The comedy is the next on Morning Star Productions2010-2011 season. The show runs January 21st through 30th at Eastbrook Church on 5385 North Green Bay Avenue. For reservations, call 414-228-5220 ext. 385 for visit Morning Star online.


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