88.9 Unveils Milwaukee Music Awards Winners

Feb. 26, 2008
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Radio Milwaukee 88.9 announced the winners of its first "Milwaukee Music Awards" this morning. Winners were chosen by that station's staff—except for the Listener Choice Awards, obviously—and offer a fair representation of the local bands included in the station's playlist.

Winners of the Milwaukee Music Awards:
* Song of the Year (Urban) – “Bombs Away,” Element with J Todd
* Song of the Year (Pop/Rock) “Her New Church,” Paul Cebar
* Album of the Year (Urban) – “Life is a Heist,” Element
* Album of the Year (Pop/Rock) – “Civil War,” Fever Marlene
* Vocalist of the Year (Urban) – Adi Mack (of Growing Nation)
* Vocalist of the Year (Pop/Rock) – Scott Starr (of Fever Marlene)
* Best New Artist – Leo Minor
* 414 Music Award (in-studio performance of the year) – Ali Lubbad & The Desert Sound Ensemble
* TNT Award (artist most likely to blow up nationally) – Northern Room
* Kick-Ass Guitar Riff of the Year – “Can U Dig It?” Certain Stars
* Earwig Award (catchiest single song of the year) – “Losin’ My Mind,” ShutDemDown Productions
* Album Cover of the Year – “Dance Casador!” The Championship
* Best Band Name – Dark Horse Project

Winners of the Milwaukee Music Awards / Listener Choice Awards:
* Artist of the Year (Pop/Rock) – Northern Room
* Artist of the Year (Urban) – Element
* Live Performer of the Year (Urban) – De La Buena
* Live Performer of the Year (Pop/Rock) – Northern Room
* Club DJ of the Year – Old Man Malcolm


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