Clowns, Dr. Jellyfish, Rock and Roll, Stickybuns and Japanese Schoolgirls

It’s just another year with Over Our Head Plaers’ SNOWDANCE 10-MINUTE COMEDY FESTIVAL

Jan. 23, 2011
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Racine’s Over Our Head Playershas been running its annual Snowdance 10 minute sketch comedy festival for a number of years now—long enough to have garnered some major attention for the festival from aspiring funny people. This year’s competition received a festival record 260 scripts from 36 different states and a couple of countries outside the U.S. The players have chosen 11 of the skits for production including:

Japanese Schoolgirl Night—an entry from Massachusetts-based James McLindon involving an explanation to a professor.

Dr. Jellyfish O.B. by Mark and Brooke Miller of Racine. Sounds like a comic hospital drama involving a rash of rashes.

Stickybuns—From California.

The Fruits of War—Also from California.

Clown Therapy—Marriage counseling is an oddly easy format for sketch comedy. This one was good enough to get picked-up . . .

And so on. Snowdance takes its commitment to producing original comedy seriously. (It says so right in the festival’s press release.) This being the case, it wouldn’t trust the winers of the festival to anyone less than the people it’s aimed at—its audience. Audience members over the course of the festival (which opens on the 28th) vote for their favorites. The author of the Best In Show gets $300, with $100 going to second and third place entries.

Over Our Head Players’ Snowdance 10-Minute comedy Festivalruns January 28th – February 27th at the theatre on 319 Sixth Street in Racine. For reservations, call the box office at 262-632-6802.


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