Broadminded's Fifth Anniversary Show

All-Woman Sketch Comedy Group Turns Five

Feb. 2, 2011
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Sketch Comedy groups come and go quite frequently. Members flit in and out quite of more established groups just as frequently. It’s a bit like any local music scene. Bands come and go and only a few manage to stick it out for the long haul. That’s perhaps the biggest accomplishment for local sketch comedy group Broadminded. Consisting of Anne Graff LaDisa, Stacy Babl, Melissa Kingston and Megan McGee, Broadminded has accomplished quite a bit just having survived five years with the same group of performers for half a decade. The fact that the material itself is also sharp, clever, witty, well-executed and consisting enough levels to appeal to just about everyone in ANY room is extra.

Another person might refer to all of the sparkling qualities of a Broadminded show as “the icing on the cake.” I won’t It’s tacky. And anyway, this being their fifth birthday show, Broadminded is bringing its own cake. And party favors. So okay, they’re not doing new material for their fifth anniversary, but they’re celebrating five years with the audiences that have allowed them to be more than merely four women looking for an audience. And who couldn’t have a good time at a Broadminded show?

Broadminded Turns Five—A “Best Of” Comedy Sketch Show  runs February 11th through 26th at the Alchemist Theatre. Call 414-426-4169 for reservations. 



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