Early Thoughts on: The Packers are in the Super Bowl!

Jan. 24, 2011
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I’m still in that euphoric phase where I’m a little dumbfounded that this is actually happening, so forgive my ramblings!

Heading in to this season, it was clear that the Packers had the pieces to put together a championship season, but 11 players on the IR later, it seemed less likely that the team could put together a playoff run.

You’ll remember, the Packers lost to the Lions this season. It did not seem promising.
But the Packers (and Packer fans) are lucky. We have Aaron Rodgers.

And this is not even meant to heap on the lovefest for A-Rodg. But seriously, how many teams can you name that went from one franchise quarterback to another? There were no lean years. There was no let down. Thanks to Ted Thompson, the Packers went from Favre to Rodgers seemlessly (at least on the field) and never had to worry about down time.

I have my issues with Packers GM Ted Thompson, but he can never get enough credit for throwing away the plan and drafting Rodgers when he was still on the board at the 24th spot in the 2005 draft.

So what do we think about Jay Cutler? I mean its difficult to be the one that says whether or not he was truly hurt. Bears coach Lovie Smith said it was a coach's decision for Cutler not to play, not the player's. But the thing I find most damning of Cutler is that when it was decided he was no longer playing, he sat on the bench, seemingly pouting, and had no more interaction with the game or his team. He's supposed to be the team leader. Doesn't the starter usually grab a headset and give help to the back up(s) in this situation? I find it inexcusable that Cutler became a complete non-factor for his team after the injury.


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