Long-Running One-Man Show

Steve Solomon comes to Marcus Center

Mar. 1, 2011
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Steve Solomon has built a solid touring career around his family. Ití's just him¬†onstage, though Ö being the son of a Jewish father, an Italian mother¬†who grew-up in Brooklyn, Solomon has all of the right background for a solid comedy act centered around cultural identity. He switches in and out of characters very quickly and has no trouble being the sole person onstage carrying on a fast-paced, perfectly intelligible conversation between Jewish and Italian characters. Heís able to do so fluidly with a bit of graceóthe type of stage talent that has allowed Solomon the good fortune of having one of the longest-running one-man shows on Broadway.

The show-- My Motherís Italian, My Fatherís Jewish & Iím In Therapy¬†makes it to Marcus Center'ís Vogel Hall at the beginning of March. Solomon comes to Milwaukee to¬†perform March 1st Ė 13th. For reservations, call 414-273-7206.



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