Fiction: "A Little Taste of Heaven" by Jen Knox

Published in Bartleby Snopes

Jan. 28, 2011
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I received word that one of my short stories will appear in Bartleby Snopes at the beginning of February and so I thought it might be nice to share something from that site. I've been reading their stories of the month for quite some time, but I read the entire January issue and, hard as it was, picked one that I thought deserved some extra time. Really, this was a tough decision. They're all quality stories, which is probably why Bartleby Snopes has gained so much attention.

From "A Little Taste of Heaven by Jen Knox:

≠It's been almost a year since the day I last saw Michael. He's thirty now. I'm twenty-two, and I'm staring at a sizable box of orthopedic shoes that I bought on the advice of a co-worker, wondering if I spent too much, when he calls to say he wants to stop by. I don't think twice. Michael is a handsome, thuggish guy; always dressed in a plain t-shirt and jeans. Always in shape, showing off his half-sleeve tattoo, an image of his brother's face with RIP scrolled below it. The image bothered me the first time we made love because Michael rested his arm on the pillow beside my head to hold himself up as he thrust--he knew how to move with me, how not to try too hard like most men--and his brother would be there, on the peak of a bicep, staring at me if I opened my eyes.

Click here to read the full story.

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