More thoughts on the Super Bowl

Jan. 31, 2011
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Much like the NFC Championship game, Special Teams are going to be an important part of the game. The Packers were able to win the field position battle against Chicago (when no one thought they would/could) and they need to carry that momentum into the big game. And while they won the battle by neutralizing Devin Hester, they still didn't manage to put together much on their own returns. The lack of a return game is a constant source of frustration for me, so I'm really hoping they can find a way to get more than five yards a return.


Aaron Rodgers really seems to be calm, cool and collected. The whole team does, really. No one is spouting off or sounding cocky. So far the press conferences have been as boring as can be with each player holding the party line, so to speak. Rodgers spent Saturday night with Ryan Braun courtside for the Bucks game. He seems to be "life as usual" and not getting jumpy, which is good to see.


The local news coverage has been ridiculous. There's a revolution going on in Egypt, an impending blizzard and Channel 4 spent five minutes, starting in the first 10 minutes of the broadcast, on a piece with one of their reporters walking around Dallas asking them who was in the Super Bowl and wheedling a free cheeseburger out of a McDonald's employee. BEFORE THE EGYPT COVERAGE. I can't believe they wasted any time on a piece that fluffy, but to do so in the opening ten minutes before covering real news was inexcusable. It was a definite reminder why I avoid local news coverage.


Steelers fans are known for waving their gold colored Terrible Towels (made in Wisconsin). I heard over the weekend that Packers fans in Dallas will be waving green towels, so the overall effect is of green and gold in the whole stadium. LOVE IT!


It sounds like coach Mike McCarthy plans to keep the team on a tight leash once they hit Dallas. With only three guys on the team with any Super Bowl experience, the young Packers may want to make the most of the experience, but it sounds like McCarthy will be enforcing strict curfews and discouraging the team from drinking.





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