Insurgent Theatre And Prison

Milwaukee-born theatre company exploring U.S. prison system in new touring show.

Feb. 21, 2011
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The man who was crying was old enough to be my father. He had just been sentenced to 1.5 years in prison and probation afterwards. Id testified against him. Last August, he punched me in the face, causing a partial detachment of the retina in my right eye. Id never met the man before. We hadnt even made eye contact prior to the attack. Ive since learned that hes mentally ill. It seems unlikely that he will receive the treatment he needs in prison, but who am I to say?

Milwaukee-born touring theatre company Insurgent Theatre seeks to explore problems with the U.S. prison system. The title of the show is Adsegprison terminology for administrative segregation. The prison system is an uncomfortable area of the U.S. consciousness. Insurgent will be touring its glance into the darker corners of popular consciousness around various places in the Southeast this coming month. The group will be performing in Ohio this March. With more tour dates coming, it seems likely that the show will be staged in the groups birthplace. The tour is looking for donations on Kickstarter.

Heres their promo video for the show:




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