Nurture's Wonders With Windfall

Windfall Theatre Company presents World Premiere Thomas Rosenthal Comedy

Feb. 16, 2011
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Over the years, Windfall Theatre Company has staged a number of new works by playwright/actor Thomas Rosenthal. This month, Windfall continues to show a dedication to developing new material with Rosenthal’s Nurture’s Wonders. Rosenthal’s previous work has ranged from a romantic comedy involving the devil (if memory serves) to a far more serious drama. It’s anybody’s gess as to what exactly to expect from Rosenthal’s latest, but it’s hard to deny the charm in a show that’s being billed as “a disturbingly depressing comedy. The tagline from the original season release was “There’s No Academy For This Parenting Thing.” The plot centers around a family living in “South Fondy, USA.” The parents are shocked to find the school principal notifying them that their oldest son had a gun in his locker. Determined that their youngest son won’t follow him, they try to find him a hero. Marquette University lecturer Maureen Kilmurry directs.

Windfall Theatre’s Nurture’s Wonders runs February 18th – March 5th at Village Church Arts on 130 East Juneau. Call 414-332-3963 for reservations. 


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