Comes down to Texas?

Feb. 28, 2008
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Maybe, perhaps, possibly, might happen, but expect to hear "it was Bill's assertion" not Hillary's, that she had to win Texas and Ohio. She is now talking about the complexities of the Texas race and Pennsylvania as the firewall. So, maybe the Texas-Ohio talk was, as W. calls it, "bull." In any event it looks like an Obama victory in Texas with Ohio up for grabs.

Prediction: If Hillary wins the primary in Texas (65 percent of delegates) and loses the caucuses (35 percent of delegates) she will motor on to Philadelphia. Second prediction: The Democratic Party power brokers will eliminate caucuses for the 2012 race.

Hillary may be "proud" to be on the same stage with Barack, but she won't leave the stage without a big push.

Great Lakes Compact: "Waukesha leaders question compact" screams the JS headline. Is it something in the water they drink? Who knows, but officials like Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas seem to think to hell with everyone else--Waukesha is all that matters. To listen to Vrakas, one would conclude that Waukesha can handle the Great Lakes diversion threat all by itself. I hear him saying to other states and Canadian Provinces, "Get out of our way." Let's hope that Peter McAvoy and other voices of reason carry the day.

March 13: The People's Legislature will hold a rally in the Capitol. The theme? "Unfinished business." The Assembly is running out the clock to avoid a vote on a bill almost everyone supports--public financing of Supreme Court elections. The rally will give voice to those of us opposed to WMC's plans to buy the Court and to preserve the integrity of the Court in the future. See you at the Capitol.


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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