McGivern In Cedarburg on the 19th

John McGivern to perform at the Cedarburg Cultural Center at winters end.

Mar. 16, 2011
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While the candy filled zombie puppets prepare for an evening at the Marian Center on Milwaukee’s south edge, acclaimed local performer John McGivnern will be getting ready to perform a one-man spoken word show in Cedarburg. 


The Midwest Emmy Award-winning Milwaukeean routinely sells-out performances of shows where he recounts memories of a very distinct Milwaukee growing-up an Irish Catholic on the East Side. McGivern brings his personality to the Cedarburg Cultural Center on March 19th. The $35 show starts at 8pm. Those interested in spending a little more time with McGivern before the show can spend $10 more and arrive at 6pm for a Cedarburg Cultural Center/McGivern meet and greet. McGivern is one of those lucky few who has been able to make a fairly nice living simply by being himself and telling stories onstage. Those who haven’t had a chance to talk with him before have an opportunity to find out that McGivern is the same guy offstage as he is on.

Reservations can be made by calling the CCC at 262-375-3676.


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