HAIR for CHOIR Stars

Touring Broadway show raises money for non-profit group

Feb. 22, 2011
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Life is difficult enough for people entering their teens. As difficult as it might seem for most people, the pressures of suddenly expanding quasi-adulthood must be extremely difficult for kids entering adolescence with serious chronic diseases. Local non-profit CHOIR Starslooks to give these kids some creative direction through instruction in the arts. With programs in art. Dance, music, theatre and writing, CHOIR works with kids suffering from chronic problems with Hematology, Oncology, Immunology and Rheumatology. (The C stand for “Camp for.”) The non-profit’s website doesn’t go into a great amount of detail on specifics, but a quick search online revealed couple of firsthand videos by people involved in the program. A musician with hemophiliaand a writer with lupusamong them.

This month, the touring production of HAIR is aiding CHOIR Stars through an Ain’t Got No Bongos! Fundraiser performance on February 26th.An undisclosed percentage of the ticket sales for the 2pm February 26th performance of the touring Broadway show at the Marcus Center will go to CHOIR Stars. From 9 am – 5pm, they will also be accepting donations of new bongo drums for the organization. Those interested in helping the cause without having to see another production of HAIR are encouraged to check out the groups website.


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