Another Look At Water With MPT

Milwaukee Public Theatres FLOW

Mar. 19, 2011
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As we move closer to a post-petroleum-based society, the next major precious element is going to be fresh water. Living as close we do to one of the largest bodies of freshwater on the planet, Milwaukee is poised to become kind of important in the future. Water is already big business for Milwaukee. According to a march 10th, 2010 report by the Milwaukee Water Council, water business already supports a $10.5 billion dollar market supporting 20,000 jobs and accounting for 4% of the world’s total water business. So it’s kind of important. And if we’re going to understand what is likely to be a very, very big business for Milwaukee in the future, our kids are going to have to become familiar with the situation as soon as possible. They and their children and grandchildren will be living in a Milwaukee likely to become known quite well for water business.

Next month, the Milwaukee Public Theatre presents an educational exploration into a resource we’re all taking for granted on some level. In conjunction with City of Milwaukee Water Works, MPS Department of Science Education, MPT presents Flow—The Traveling Water Circus. Using circus skills, vaudeville theatre style, the show uses a troupe of colorful characters to explore the nature of water. The show is sponsored in part by a few large local corporations that have a vested interest in water and how the next generations will relate to it. An original show developed by MPT, Flow presents the latest issues and scientific concerns about water treatment and conservation in a way that will be presented to school groups in the interest of introducing them to the subject matter at an early age.


School group performances of FLOW run april 13th-15th. For the rest of us, there is a public performance of the show at 7pm on Friday, April 15th at the Lincoln Center of the Arts on 820 East Knapp Street. For more info, call MPT at 414-347-1685.



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