The Search Continues with A Woman Called Truth

New Acacia Theatre auditions for an upcoming show about the life of Sojourner Truth

Feb. 15, 2011
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Acacia Theatre†continues its season with Sandra Fenichel Asherís 1993 two-act drama about the life of influential abolitionist Sojourner Truth. Though its difficult to imagine any staged drama living up to the legend of a towering figure in the history of civil rights, any production that pays homage to her is worth examining. A history has a way of forgetting about the accomplishments of a great many people. . .

The role of Truth has already been cast from a previous round of auditions. And so Acacia is looking for for people to play supporting roles in the story of a onetime slave who spoke passionately about the equality of everyone . . . someone who survived some seemingly insurmountable challenges to fight for basic human rights that shouldíve been common sense in the first place. Acacia will be hosting auditions for its May production of†A Woman Called Truth.

Auditions for the production will take place†on Monday, February 28th. The director is Lori Woodall Schaufler. Rehearsals will consist of reading from the script. Acacia requests a 2-minute prepared monologue, but itís not absolutely required. Auditions will be held by appointment only at the Church in the City on 2648 N. Hackett. They're looking for a multi-racial cast of†3 women (ages 25-65) and 3 men (ages 18-65.) Auditions are by appointment only.

To make an appointment, call 744-5995 or email:††


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