Fiction: "Awakened" by Cheryl Schleuss

Published in the Apalachee Review

Feb. 16, 2011
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Apalachee Review is a very nice literary journal. So nice, in fact, that I've bookmarked it in a folder I use to randomly pick a lit journal to buy. This folder contains many journals I haven't gotten around to buying, but I really do have the best of intentions. So until the little coins in my pocketbook sprout into full-fledged dollar trees, I'll have to settle for the great stuff they have on their Web site.

From "Awakened," by Cheryl Schleuss:

It was hard to tell how old the boy was as he was slight, almost wiry thin, wearing a shirt and pants so over-sized Louise wondered how they stayed on him when he walked. His pants had dropped below his hips as she dragged him to the chair and white underwear barely hung to his skinny butt. His long eye lashes and corn rows all plaited neat and straight gave him a pretty appearance. Someone's child, Louise shook her head from side to side dismayed, just someone's baby out looking for no good.

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