Milwaukee Chamber's 2011-2012 Season

The Second New Season Announcement of the year includes some really impressive casts.

Feb. 21, 2011
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(I found myself talking to Darrel Cherney before another powerfully executed Milwaukee Chamber Theatre show this past weekend. The talented actor, who had shown-up in a number of good performances here, has since moved to L.A. He’s back in town working with Jane Flieller and company on In Tandem’s upcoming production of Murder at the Howard Johnson’s. A couple of days after he’d come into town from sunny L.A., we head the massive snowstorm. He’s happy to be back here watching decent theatre. His experiences with L.A. theatre have evidently been really dreadful. I would imagine with film being as big as it is out there, quite a bit of the stage business out there is people trying to get acting work. . .  )

The Footlights for the new Milwaukee Chamber show included their 2011-2012 season announcement. Their current show Mauritius has a phenomenal cast including soon-t-o-be UWM graduate Sara Zientek in a remarkably strong performance. The casts listed for next season maintain a tradition for decent, local casting. Here’s a quick look ahead.:

Crimes of the Heart— The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre opens its season with an acclaimed comedy about three sisters in Mississippi. I saw a production of this Beth Henley comedy at the Waukesha Civic Theatre. The cast for that production included one of my favorite actresses. The cast for this production has a rich Milwaukee family feel to it. Charming husband and wife acting couple Laura Gray and Jonathan Wainwright are featured in a cast that includes Neil Haven, emerging talent Georgina McKee, Karen Estrada and Laura Frye. Mary MacDonald Kerr directs. August 11th – 28th.

Driving Miss Daisy—Milwaukee Chamber co-founder Ruth Schudson plays the title character in this Alfred Uhry drama that everyone knows better as a film. C. Michael Wright directs the show, which also features Jonathan West and Michael Torrey. October 13th – 30th.

Heroes—Tom Stoppard’s adaptation of Gerald Sibleyras’ LeVent des Peupliers finds a group of World War Two veterans trying to escape a remote hospital in France. The premise alone sounded kind of interesting when I’d first read about it several years ago, but the team on this one makes it one that I’m probably looking forward to more than any of the other shows on the upcoming MCT season. C. Michael Wright directs Milwaukee theatre veterans Richard Halverson, Dan Mooney and Robert Spencer. These three men have had a tremendous amount of stage experience in long, illustrious careers here. Seeing the three of them together in a show like this sounds captivating—particularly if it makes it to the Studio Theatre space. November 23rd – December 18th.

A Thousand Words—A product of Milwaukee Chamber’s Montgomery Davis Play Development Series, this one explores the mystery of acclaimed 1930’s photographer Walker Evans.

Jennifer Uphoff Gray directs a cast including Libby Amato, Carrie Coon, Sarah Day, T. Stacy Hicks, Josh McCabe and Georgina McKee. February 16th- March 11th.

Bus Stop—William Inge’s 1955 comedy finds four bus passengers caught in a diner during a blizzard. It’s the latest in Milwaukee Chamber’s series of shows done in collaboration with a local university. Last year it was UWM. This coming season, they’re working with Marquette on The Lion In Winter. Next season, Milwaukee Chamber collaborates with UW-Parkside on Bus Stop. The professional cast includes Doug Jarecki, Dan Katula, Patrick Lawlor, Jacque Troy and UW-Parkside Associate Professor Jamie Cheatham. April 12th- 29th.


For more information on the upcoming season, visit Milwaukee Chamber Theatre online. Those looking to subscribe can call 414-276-8842.





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