Al and Jim's One Man Show

Alex Grindeland and James Boland attempt to occupy the same comedic space on Sunday.

Feb. 25, 2011
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Possibly the cleverest title for a show all year,¬†Al & Jimís One Man Show¬†also sounds like kind of a clever idea for a show. The idea goes something like this: improv comics Alex Grindeland and James Boland take audience suggestions to create completely¬†different improvised scenesó. Each one individually composes his own self-contained story. As the show progresses, the two worlds collide in a hopefully comic fusion. Sounds potentially quite good. Not as familiar with Boland, but Grindeland has shown considerable talent in various comedy shows including¬†Rudolph the Pissed-Off Reindeer¬†and¬†8-Bit Warrior. He also served as possibly the only redeeming factor of Bite Theatreís debut show¬†Kill The Rich, Kill The Poor.

Al & Jimís One Man Show¬†runs Saturday, February 26th¬†at 10pm and February 27th¬†at 11:30 am. Both shows are $5. Both shows take place at¬†the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View.¬†¬†For reservations, call¬†414-426-4169.




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