Fiction: "Positivity Squares" by Ken Brosky

Published in Bartleby Snopes Magazine

Feb. 23, 2011
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Well, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't share a story I recently got published in Bartleby Snopes magazine. Plus, aside from sharing my hard work, I can enlighten you a little on the writing process and where I got the idea. My inspiration came from two sources: (1) "Bright Sided" by Barbara Ehrenreich and (2) my accidental visit to a National Speakers Association meeting in a hotel. A lot of what happens in this story is "true-ish," meaning it's desperately close to what really happens in the corporate world. 

From Positivity Squares by Ken Brosky:

I can't even imagine how someone would picture me in bed. I was a scrub. I managed the east-coast advertising bloc and sat at a big desk on the third floor that I shared with four other people. The desk was divided into four, with small felt partitions running across the table. They were like half-cubicles, their bases drilled into the table so half-assed that some of the screws entered at an angle. The cubicles served no purpose whatsoever except that we had to stand if we wanted to make eye contact with someone else at the table. Everyone at the table ran ad campaigns for a specific region so sometimes we had to talk and if we didn't want to shout, we all had to stand up.

Clinton Shields was VP of Marketing, and it was probably his idea to partition the massive table instead of installing individual cubes. He had an office next to Mike's that overlooked Lake Michigan. Framed motivational posters hung from the cream-colored wall and his narrow oak bookshelf--what he called "the library" because everyone was encouraged to grab a book--was full of Positive Thought books that encouraged readers to envision success in order to avoid downsizing.

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