Grace, Empty Space and the Alchemist

Grace DeWolf and the Alchemist Theatre announce a fascinating new project

Feb. 27, 2011
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The Alchemist Theatre recently announced a new project being headed-up by recent UWM theatre graduate and talented actress Grace DeWolff. Project Empty Space is an attempt to open-up the stage to new ideas that haven't been tested and new people who may not already be associated with an established theatre company or any practical experience. Under the right circumstances, this could be amazing. Or it could be as dull as hell. Either way, what Project Empty Space looks to bring to the stage is fresh, new stuff, quite possibly from people who wouldn’t normally have any way to connect to a stage.

Really, Empty Space seems to be looking for good ideas from anyone to develop into vivid new projects. The website for the project lists the following among people it’s looking to work with: “Directors, Established Artists, Waiters, People with NO theatre experience, college students,” and even, “people who hate theatre.” That last one sounds particularly interesting. Who better to come up with something radically new for theatre than someone with a hatred for it? Clever. 

How does one submit an idea for the project? It’s quite simple. Follow the link below. There are a few open fields in which you can pitch your idea. You’ll be asked to provide an email address for the project members to get back to you.


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