Peter J. Woods and the Noise of Samuel Beckett

Local Playwright/Noise Artist presents AN EXTREMELY LOUD SILENCE.

Feb. 28, 2011
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Experimental noise artist and playwright Peter J. Woods is doing some frightfully interesting stuff. Has been doing so for quite some time. Experimental artists operating outside established university structures dont often get a whole lot of respect, but Woods managed to get some level of success some time ago, particularly with a few experimental shorts hed done. His short Systems was probably the most recognizable, having been staged both locally and at the Minnesota Fringe Festival some time ago. Since then, hes been working largely in the realm of art noise.

Recently, Woods passions for noise and theatre have fused in an album hes released online. Its a tribute to Irish playwright Samuel Beckettan exhaustive work with the title, An Extremely Loud Silence: Audio Renditions of Beckets Dramas. Its available for streaming online. Those unfamiliar with art noise should probably listen to a few tracks just to know what theyre in for. For the wrong person, this is 52.4 MB (about one hour) of auditory torture. For the right person, this is something more than that.

Its exceedingly difficult to critique noise, which makes any description of the tracks in question kind of difficult. Its good stuff if youre in the right frame of mind for it. Becketts text in spoken word mixes with some very visceral sounds. The best way to experience it may be in an mp3 player cranked to full volume while youre distracted by other things. Or maybe not. Im not sure. I loved listening to it while doing laundry. It made shoveling snow feel a lot less unpleasant. Theres a visceral, exceedingly low-tech feel to the tracks that works pretty well. Its staggeringly interesting stuff. Pleasantly disorientating in places. 

The three-track Beckett tribute, as well as Woods other albums are available on his website.




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