Audio Interview With Mark Clements pt. 1

The Sound of Mark Clements On The Milwaukee Rep

Mar. 27, 2011
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I’ve taken to recording the audio on interviews with a digital camera. It’s a bit weird. Recently I’d found that the audio from such interviews would make for a reasonably practical series of podcasts. And so here is the debut installment of the audio podcast supplement to the Curtains blog—audio curtains.

The debut installment of Audio Curtains is Part One of a seven-part interview with Mark Clements, Artistic Director of the Milwaukee Rep. (That other voice you're hearing in these recordings is that of Milwaukee Rep Public Relations Director Cindy Moran, who sat-in on the conversation.)

In total, the audio from the interview runs something like and hour and a half, so I’ve cut it up into more manageable pieces. The podcast can be streamed here or downloaded in wav format here.


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