Fiction: "The Old Mill" by Kathryn Scanlan

Published in the Iowa Review

Apr. 1, 2011
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I thought I'd share this short story with you, primarily because I really enjoyed it. Obviously, right? Well, my brain is a little fried from playing Dragon Age II for so long this past week and now everything I say seems obvious. It might be destroying my brain cells.

From "The Old Mill," by Kathryn Scanlan:


When we party by the old mill, we have to walk through pine woods and down steep hills to the river. No one else likes the old mill anymore because it's slippery getting down and it's cold there and once Stu fell in and almost got sucked under by the water. But J and I still like it, and we go there together.

Stu has an old dog, Old Bruno. Stu likes to smoke a joint and blow the smoke into Old Bruno's face. The dog gets dizzy and falls. His face used to be brown but now it's all white. He doesn't have much hair left on his tail, so when it wags it's a whip. Stu hates getting whipped and starts yelling and shoving the dog until the tail is tucked away and still.

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