Brain Thieves--Sci-Fi On A Small Stage

Alchemist Theatre Welcomes Alien invasion/time travel show

Apr. 16, 2011
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A show that has been posted for a while on Alchemist Theatre’s website, Natalie Ryan And The Brian Thieves actually kind of sounds like an East Side garage band. That was, in face, what I assumed it was until I read the description listed on the website. The sci-fi drama in question features Natalie Ryan--a high school student working with particle physics on a science fair project. There’s a guy working with her on the project who has a crush on her. Naturally, things go wrong and the fourth dimension gets a bit inconsistent. There’s time travel. Natalie and her friend Sam find themselves facing extra-terrestrial brain thieves. This is probably kind of weird . . . the co-writers on the project are Vince Figueroa (who wrote 8-Bit Warrior) and Beth Lewinski (of comedy group Meanwhile and Radio WHT.)

Auditions for the show happened in late February for some of the roles. Evidently it’s a cast of 14. According to the show’s Facebook page, it won "Best Time Traveler in 2813." The show’s interests include: "Time Travel, Aliens and Buffets..." Cute.

As of Mid-March the production was working on “an Omicron Generator--could be dangerous if it were to blow up during a show,” the entry says, “But that's our problem, all you have to worry about is getting your tickets.” This should be fun.

The show's set designer and special effects coordinator is Pink Banana's Fjosh Redbeard, who has been working on, among other things, making, "a life-like brain that can talk." 

Natalie Ryan and the Brain Thieves runs April 28th- May 14th at the Alchemist Theatre. Tickets can be ordered in advance online. 




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