Heels On Wheels at MGAC

Eclectic variety road show makes it to the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center this month.

Apr. 10, 2011
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New-York-based performance artists How To Build A Fire have been traveling across the country with a wildly eclectic program featuring multi-media theatre performances, “stardust, magic, sparkle, time-travel,” and probably quite a bit more that they aren’t mentioning. The group is touring the Midwest with the Heels On Wheels tour—a program featuring, “Liberation magic, anti-capitalist robots, Medusa-themed puppet theatre, riot grrl dance parties, and the story of stardust,” (The tour’s press info is endlessly quotable.)

Heels On Wheels comes to the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center at 8pm on April 18th. Tickets are $8. For more info, check out the HOW Roadshow website.

The website and other promo materials have been elegantly short on terribly coherent specifics, but a show like this has the ability to overwhelm with the right energy. To get some idea of what the show might be like, check out the exceedingly appealing video below.


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