Say what??

Mar. 1, 2008
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Jim Doyle has asked the feds to declare "all of Wisconsin in compliance with national clean air standards." OK, makes sense. Just tell the truth, I say. But there is an "oops" factor. Turns out Doyle's DNR has found "that the air in several counties is so dirty it could threaten human health." So Doyle's letter is not true.

Everyone must be upset with Doyle for this absurd and false claim. Well, almost everyone. WMC praised Doyle's action and said the stricter pollution controls required for counties declared out of attainment "would be a hardship on state industries and utilities." I guess WMC thinks that if attainment is difficult, forget about it! Don't they breath our air? How about their kids?

Bruce Nilles of Sierra Club responded "This [Doyle's assertion] is clearly illegal. The law says you have to rely on monitoring data not speculation." This in response to Doyle's assertion that Wisconsin will be in compliance by 2015. Hold on Governor. Do you mean that you are not telling the truth to the federal government (not to mention those of us who suffer from chronic bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory ills)?

And, governor, you did all this to please WMC? C'mon. Tell us you jest.


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